Pastos Verdes Story

Orlando and Lisa were both called separately into Mission in Mozambique in 1996/99. Both of them trained and worked with YWAM for many years in different locations, Orlando serving on base leadership, before meeting Lisa at a YWAM Bible School in 2004. Since marrying in 2005 they began to serve in the outskirts of Lichinga, Niassa Province.

They founded and registered the work under the charity Pastos Verdes in the UK and in Mozambique in 2006. The aim is to see the people of this community come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, to care for orphaned boys and those in need. After many years of building friendships in the village, many villagers are sharing their struggles and wanting to hear about God.

Once the building of the Children’s Home was completed it was opened in April 2017 with the first three boys. The numbers will slowly increase with each intake until reaching a capacity of sixteen boys.

Since 2016 Orlando and Lisa under Pastos Verdes, have received their first long term volunteers and thus have been able to set up more ministry projects now that we are a team of five.

The heart to reach peoples physical needs alongside their spiritual ones is realised through our various programs and outreaches. There are food and clothes projects, newborns, children’s and youth work, vocational training, basic health care, Bible storytelling, work with local Pastors and local churches, and care of orphans.



They met whilst training with YWAM in 2004 and married the following year. Orlando is Mozambican, Lisa is British, and they have two children. Their sending church is St Mary Bredin, Canterbury. They founded Pastos Verdes in 2005. Orlando’s heart is to encourage the local pastors and reach out to the men in our community. His practical skills draw local men to work alongside him, learning new skills and sharing the gospel. Lisa’s heart for children led her to start the Children’s Club, and have the vision for the Children’s Home.

Over many years her relationships in the community have enabled her to share the gospel and walk alongside women in their daily concerns. As Team Leaders they support the necessary practical and admin work for Pastos Verdes, alongside overseeing the team members.

Met while working for Youth With A Mission at a training college in South Africa he is from Mozambique, she from Canterbury, they married and set up Pastos Verdes in 2005. The mission has been carefully developed to meet the needs of the predominately Muslim area building relationships to enable the gospel to be preached. They have two young children.


Guy and Mary started working with Pastos Verdes in December 2015. They have three adult children in the UK. Their background in fostering and Mary as an early years manager has led them to continue working with children in Mozambique. Mary enjoys working with children with disabilities, with Guy teaching English and giving literacy help. Guy’s experience as a finance director is a welcome addition as he oversees the Pastos Verdes accounts! Their sending church is Oak Community Church, St Paul’s Cray.

After respective careers as a Finance Director and working with various aspects of child care, and a preliminary extended trip to the mission in 2014 they joined the team on a full time basis in December 2015. Both have many years of church work behind them most recently at Oak Community Church in St. Mary Cray including being Project Managers for the Bromley Borough Foodbank. They have three grandchildren.


Clare joined the team in July 2016. She’s long had a heart to serve overseas working with children, and is pleased to be part of the Pastos Verdes team. Her mission experiences of serving in South America and management skills in retail have enabled her to take on the role of Children’s Home supervisor. She’s enjoying seeing the boys develop in faith and character. Her sending churches are Canterbury Baptist Church and Billericay Baptist Church.


The trustees of the U.K. charity are: Don Mclaren (Chairman), Lizzie Oakley (Secretary), Graham Bough (Treasurer), Tom Mclaren, Nick Ratcliffe and Keith Ackland.