Get Involved


Thank you for giving to Pastos Verdes!

Our generous donations enable the ministry of Pastos Verdes to continue and expand. We will use your money wherever it is most needed. We’re so thankful we can support our community with groups and opportunities such as the children’s club, carpentry training and supporting disabled children.


Support a Team Member:

All team members are volunteers and require support to serve with Pastos Verdes. If you’d like to partner financially with an individual, please contact us at


Sponsor a Child:

Each boy is given the opportunity to live in the Pastos Verdes home through monthly sponsorship. Your support is making a difference in each orphans life, enabling them to grow up healthy and loved. Each child receives £60 sponsorship every month, normally through two sponsors. We’re thankful for people who give them this opportunity! For more information, contact


Are you passionate about serving God?

Could you spare some time and use your skills to support Pastos Verdes? If so, please read on!

We would love to hear from you if you’d like to visit! Maybe a short trip or long term? Come find out what we do or get stuck in? Serve practically or bring encouragement? Come see what God is doing in Mozambique! Why not get in touch and explore the opportunities!

Could you help us from the UK? Maybe you’re a knitter, fundraiser or pray-er! We’re always looking for people to get involved with Pastos Verdes however they’re able.

We’d love to hear from you at